Make Your Vote for Values Count

In the lead up to the 2013 Federal Election you have an important democratic opportunity. But do you know enough about each party to decide which one to vote for? Christians have a responsibility to make a wise and informed vote because, if we want to see compassionate, just and moral laws made for our country, we need to choose good people and policies at election time.

To help you make an informed vote, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) will be putting questions to each of the political parties on key issues of concern to Christians.

The aim is to highlight the parties' positions on issues of significant interest to Christians, which will not necessarily be prominently discussed in the wider election coverage.

ACL recognises that Christian voters will share many concerns with the general electorate and has tried to avoid duplicating those. Instead this questionnaire aims to reflect the main concerns of this constituency on topics such as refugees, abortion, marriage, family, classification standards, sexualisation of children and religious freedom.

This website will provides detailed answers to the questions from each of the political parties who responded to ACL's questionnaire.

If you are interested in Christian comment on political issues during the next Parliament, then please join ACL here.